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“We start with a blank canvas and can give your trailer a truly unique look, combining our design team’s expertise with your own ideas.”


Below is just a small selection of signwriting we have done in-house for our customers.

We can design everything from your logo to the full trailer design. When work is complete, we also give you the design files to use in the rest of your branding and marketing. If you’ve already got your business logo, branding and a design ready, we can use that to wrap your trailer.

Take a look at our customers’ trailers below and consider adding signwriting to your trailer, we can include the cost for design and signwriting when we discuss your customised trailer pricing on the phone.

At Food Trailer King we offer the complete turnkey package so your trailer will be delivered 100% ready to get out to work, making money, from day 1. Contact us today for your custom pricing on 1300 247 066


T J Rollaway – Mid Plus Trailer

Vietnomnom – Large 2.0 Trailer

Italy & Co – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Baking on Clouds – Mid Food Trailer

The Coffee Pod – Large Food Trailer

Tita Wendy’s Coffee Bar – XL 2.0 Trailer

Tita Wendy’s Coffee Bar – Mid Plus Trailer

The Toastie Postie – Mid Plus Trailer

Schnitz and Gigs – XL 2.0 Trailer

Plantcha Karma – XL 2.0 Trailer

Lao Dao – Large 3.0 Trailer

Corgi Coffee Cart – Mid Plus Trailer

Burger Buoy’s – XL 2.0 Trailer

Rollz on the Run – Maxi Elite Trailer

Deja Brew – Mid Plus Trailer

Flavour Trailer Thai Kitchen – King Kong Trailer

Safari Wagon – XL Trailer

Pizza Forno – King Kong Trailer

The Black Crow –XL 2.0 AND Mid Plus Trailer

Krisp by Bun Me Bar – XL Trailer

Gympie West Catering – Maxi Trailer

Ceylon Lia – Maxi Trailer

Mini Dutch Pancakes – XL Trailer

The Marriott Resort – King Kong Air

The Bifina Lab – XL Trailer

The Wright Chef – XL Trailer

Ice Cream Rollers – Maxi Trailer

Roama Pizza Trailer

Athens Coffee House – Mid Trailer

Baladi Coffee Trailer – Large 2.0

Jaz South African Food Trailer – XL Trailer

Chomp Burgers – Maxi Truck

Aussie Tucker Van – Maxi Trailer

Deependra – Maxi Trailer

Amore – Wood Fired Pizza Trailer

Carlos Tacos – Large 2.0 Trailer

Chef’s Lab – Maxi Trailer

Cosmic Tucker – Supersize Trailer

Fire Pit Tacos – Large 2.0 Trailer

Fully Loaded Dogs – Maxi Trailer

Harry Khoi – Supersize Trailer

Holy Shish – Maxi Trailer

Lime Green Munchie Machine – Maxi Trailer

Poco Cucina – XL 2.0 Trailer

Saigon Linh – XL 2.0 Trailer

The Bandit Coffee – Large 2.0 Trailer

The Flavour Wheel – XL 2.0 Trailer

The Peach Farm – Maxi Trailer

The Pizza Nomads – Wood Fired Pizza Trailer

Walkway To Ceylon – XL 2.0 Trailer

Waylon Willie – King Kong Trailer

Wild Street Taste – XL 2.0 Trailer

What the Cluck AU – Maxi Trailer

Tropical Bites – Maxi Trailer

Wicked Wraps – Large 2.0 Trailer

Tornado Potatoes – Supersize Truck

Thuru Kitchen – XL 2.0 Trailer

The Naked Spud – Maxi Trailer

Sunlight Kebab and Pizza – King Kong Trailer

Stop n Taste – Maxi Trailer

Spiral Spud – XL 2.0 Trailer

Sissy Beans – Mid Plus Trailer

Shakey Joes – Mid Plus Trailer

Sammy’s Tucker – King Kong Trailer

Salvation Army – Supersize Trailer

Sab – E – Lee – Maxi Trailer

Rotary Club – Club Special Trailer

Ingenia Holidays – King Kong Air Trailer

Real Aussie Fruit Ice Cream and Coffee – Maxi Trailer

Pants Off Gin – Large 2.0 Trailer

Not Only Cannoli – XL 2.0 Trailer

My Island Kitchen – Supersize Truck

My Latino Fusion – XL 2.0 Trailer

Mildura Airport Cafe – Maxi Trailer

Mi Paborito – XL 2.0 Trailer

Madame Mitchell – Mid Trailer

Layla’z – XL 2.0 Trailer

Lankan Streetz – XL 2.0 Trailer

Krazy For Kurtosh – XL 2.0 Trailer

Krafted – Maxi Trailer

Kaosarn – XL 2.0 Trailer

Jessie & The Chef – Maxi Trailer

Irish Cafe – Maxi Trailer

Indulge This – XL 2.0 Trailer

Hungarian Food Factory – XL 2.0 Trailer

Grassfed Vegan – Maxi Trailer

Gino’s Coffee – Supersize Trailer

Fury’s Pizza – Maxi Trailer

Food is Lyfe – Maxi Trailer

East Coast Chicken – XL 2.0 Trailer

Dope Fusion – Maxi Trailer

Cuppa Diem – Large 2.0 Trailer

Creative Cater – Maxi Trailer

Cook Wook Wong – Maxi Trailer

The Cheeky Bean – Maxi Trailer

Chappy’s Warung – XL 2.0 Trailer

Cate’s Coffee n Pies – Large 2.0 Trailer

PCYC Canberra – Large 3.0 and King Kong Trailer

Boxed Scones – Mid Trailer

Blended Beanies – Mid Plus Trailer

Beadough’s Donuts – XL 2.0 Trailer

Aranyani Bison – Maxi Trailer

All About Food – Supersize Trailer

A1 Coffee – Mid Trailer

The Wandering Food Court – XL 2.0 Trailer